BeeBee Wraps aren't just for keeping our food fresh!

BeeBee Wraps are also excellent at storing bars of soap, shampoo bars and solid lotion or deodorant when at home or on the move.


Reasons BeeBee Wraps are perfect for storing soap:

  • They fit to the shape of the soap bar, meaning they take up significantly less space in your wash bag than bulky soap boxes.
  • The wax means that a wet bar of soap won’t dampen the rest of your wash bag (we’ve all had that dilemma where we’re leaving that morning but want to shower before checking out of the hotel)
  • BeeBee Wraps' breathable quality means the bar can still dry whilst wrapped, meaning the soap won’t dissolve at the edges. Woop!


 What do you get in The Bathroom Pack?

Three medium wraps - 26 x 26 cm in the Ocean Collection's three designs: Puffin, Sardines and Whale Pod. 



BeeBee Wraps - The Bathroom pack

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