Eco Warrior cards give kids the guidance for all the tasks that they can help with, turning it into a fun and engaging thing to do. The carefully crafted cards will help them to learn how to take care of their rooms and help in the house. 

Eco Warrior is an educational game teaching children (age 5-12) how to take care of the planet, their home and belongings. Our engaging rhymes and colourful illustrations will delight the children, and to make the game even more interesting, why not hide the cards around the home and use the treasure-hunt clues we supply in the pack.

The great thing about Eco Warriors cards is that it makes helping out in the house fun! 

Many families have welcomed Eco Warriors as an excellent and natural way to develop children’s character and behaviour. They learn to care for the things around them and take responsibility for them while they have lots of fun! Eco Warriors develops the kind and nature-loving side of their character. It helps children appreciate what they have and the world around them. It teaches them life lessons that will make them pro-active, organised, tidy, helpful and thoughtful, allowing them to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and for the planet they live on. People love the journey of discovery that the whole family can go on together and the real benefits that Eco Warriors brings to kids and parents.

The kit includes:

  • 10 flashcards with a different rhyme and super-action on each side
  • Treasure Hunt clues for each of the cards 
  • Reward chart (I Feel Proud) plus 30 Eco Warriors biodegradable stickers 
  • Child & parent instructions 
  • 1 cotton bag which holds the flash cards (size 13*18)


  • Dimensions:
  • The set arrives in a sturdy brown box with a lid size 12.5*17.5*5*2.5cm 
  • The cards are size A6 (10.5*14.8 cm)



  • Flashcards, clues and instructions - made from 100% recycled cardstock, weight 350gsm.
    They are deliberately not coated with plastic which makes them less sturdy than the flash cards you might be used to but still sturdy due to the weight of the cardstock.
  • Stickers -  biodegradable
  • Cotton bags - a natural based product
  • Box - recycled paper

Eco Warrior cards