Goloka fine quality aroma oils are manufactured by the Goloka of Bangalore, India.
Using natural extracts to give you the purest fragrance throughout your home.

These oils can be used as an alternative to incense, used in an oil burner to release its true-to-life scent.  They are long lasting too, as you need just 3-5 drops of fragrance oil to 10ml of water.  Alternatively, add a few drops to potpourri to refresh and release the beautiful fragrance.


Choose from the following:

Egyptian Jasmine - recharges the atmosphere, replenishes and restores energy.

Mystic Rose - pleasing, sweet and soothing, effetive antidepressant & mood lifter.

Indian Citronella - sweet and soothing, antidepressant, mood lifter.

French Lavender - centering, aids concentration and meditation.

Pure Patchouli - grounding, has a balancing effect on the emotions.

Himalayan White Musk - alleviates anxiety, aids meditation and good sleep.



Note: This product is not an essential oil therefore it does not have any therapeutic properties.  Never leave your fragrance oil burner unattended for long period of time and keep it out of children’s reach. 

Never place incense holder/burner near flammable material. 

Product is not tested on animals.




Goloka Fragrance Oils - 10ml