milly&sissy glass dispenser will come with beautiful 3 hand washes:

  • Almond & Honey
  • Sweet Cherry
  • Fresh Apple

Each sachet makes up 500ml of hand wash so it will keep you and your family going for some time.

This beautiful dispenser can last many years: simply refill after every use, leaving zero waste with the compostable sachets.

Made in the UK with recycled brown glass and rust-resistant stainless-steel pump, the dispenser can be used with any of your favourite milly&sissy refill products whilst reducing plastic waste for years to come.

Care instructions - Wipe clean with a soft cloth.
The bottle is dishwasher safe. 
If pump becomes blocked or discoloured, simply use a plastic-free cotton bud to clear and clean the nozzle.

MILLY&SISSY - Hand Wash TRIO + British Made Glass Bottle with bronzed pump