100% Extra virgin olive oil (cold press)
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Not tested on animals
No palm oil

Coconuts are high in fatty acids, micronutrients as well as capric, caprylic and lauric acids and has a very high concentration of antioxidants. 
Coconut extract is great for helping skin rehydrate, repair and recover from the excesses of the day. 
Charcoal is famed for its absorptive properties and, when used in soaps, helps draw out excess oils, toxins and impurities from the skin, leaving it feeling revitalised. Combined with 100% extra virgin olive oil, Olivos Activated Charcoal is a soap that cleans, balances oil levels, and works effectively to relieve skin conditions and acne. Charcoal becomes ‘activated’ once it is exposed to high-temperature steam. Hot steam causes the charcoal’s surface area to expand, increasing its ability to filter and absorb oils and impurities from the skin. Activated charcoal is so effective it is used not only in cosmetic products and treatments but for medical uses as well. Suitable for all skin types and use on body, face and hair, Olivos Activated Charcoal Soap helps control skin oils, reduce pore size, cleanse the skin, remove old cells and leave skin feeling and looking better than ever. Activated charcoal also tightens and firms up the skin, as well as helping to clear acne marks and scars in the process.

Size: 450ml

Olivos Liquid Soap - Activated Charcoal Coconut - Liquid Soap - 450ml